Tongxi Liu

Doctoral student at University of Florida

I am currently a doctoral student surpervised by Dr.Maya Israel and work for Dr.Israel's CTRL Lab, at College of Education, University of Florida.


Research Interests

• Learning analytics

• Educational data mining


AECT Summer Research Symposium / 2020

Liu, T & Israel, M. (forthcoming, July, 2020). Emotional Experience of Elementary Students in Online Computer Programming. AECT 2020 Summer Research Symposium, Jacksonville, FL.

Abstract: Due to the important impacts of emotions on learning process, tracking affective status of students during their online computer programming is of great significance. Elementary students should get more attentions because of the popularization of online introductory computer programming among elementary schools. This study aims to investigate what emotions elementary students experience in their online computer programming activities, which can lead to better understanding when and how instructors should provide proper and efficient interventions.
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